Wordpress Publishing Platform

Wordpress is both free and priceless; I started using it when I studied abroad in Havana. I’ve reinvented this site twice since then, always with Wordpress.

K2 Theme

I started with the stellar K2 Wordpress theme and made it my own by reworking the html and css, and tweaking the php in a few places.


The Akismet plugin has saved me from more than 70,000 spammy comments. God bless you Akismet, I wouldn’t bother without you.

The LinksTo plugin enables me to easily have pages in the top menu link

The PageMash plugin makes it easy to mix the order of pages in the top menu, and also to hide a few pages (such as this Colophon page) from that menu.

The Shashin plugin pulls pictures from my Picasa albums into the footer or posts and pages of this site.


I used to use flickr to manage online photos, but switched to Picasa when Flickr began charging more and giving less storage space. I now use Picasa for my online albums and use the Picasa application for mac on my laptop; I haven’t looked back.

Hosting hosting is simple to use, seems to have good up time under occasionally medium-heavy traffic (well over 1,000 hits on my site’s biggest day thus far), and is incredibly inexpensive.

File Transfers

I used the demo version of Transmit for almost 2 years before finally purchasing it, mainly out of gratitude to the Portland-based coders whose FTP client is incredibly useful even in it’s trimmed down and free version. Transmit works like my Mac – I can use it without really thinking about it.


The byline for this site is from Isiah 55:12. Both whimsical and impossibly serious, the prophetic voice of Isiah speaks of social justice, shortcomings, and beauty. These words fill me with vim and vigor.

I learned about blogging and basic web development more or less on my own (and by that I mean by using Google to scour the interwebs), and I thank my college roommate John Wagner for initially introducing me to many of these tools.

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