My name is Isaac Holeman. In professional life, my work as a designer-researcher is about seeing through the eyes of the poor and marginalized and responding pragmatically. You can find more about that on my LinkedIn or Twitter.

In the rest of life, I’m a bookish person and a hands-on person and one of many that make up a great big outdoorsy Oregon family. My life revolves around the wonders of wild places, frontiers and finding meaning in suffering and the fringes of society. Faith helps me make sense of the absurd beauty and sorrow of our world.

Curiosity is the cornerstone of my personality. Tinkering and designing technologies like my dear bicycle or distributed web apps or SIM apps. Social enterprise and the tribulations of teamwork. Writing for National Geographic, or The Oregonian, or the Harvard Global Health Review. Reams of creative writing, which remains hidden but for a few captions. Keeping a dream journal. Magical realism. Making websites,1,2,3 and music,1, 2 and photographs. And editing wikipedia articles about oregon history or indie publishing or social theory or catholic teachings on higher education, social justice and liberation.

I really want to feel the breeze at the top of that tree, and to know what souls are. I’m also curious about you. Something tells me I could like you just for being you.

Imagining that everyone can hear me is a thought experiment that helps me focus on being authentically, undeniably and always me. Writing for the web is my attempt to make the thought experiment real.

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