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FrontlineSMS Update for Malawi’s Ministry of Health Data Standards Meeting

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I have been working in Malawi for about six months now, and though I miss home (Oregon), I am beginning to feel comfortable and increasingly productive here. Malawi is a wonderful place to work. I have met many good people and seen much of the land. I have yet to explore so much more, but I have been very busy and very content with work.

Last Thursday, February 4th, I had the fortunate opportunity to present at a National Data Standards Meeting, convened at the Cresta Hotel in Lilongwe by Chris Moyo of the Central Monitoring and Evaluation Division of Malawi’s Ministry of Health. These slides offer a brief overview of FrontlineSMS:Medic’s evolution in Malawi, the current work that has kept me busy for the last six months, a few lessons learned, and some of our vision and strategy for the future.

If you have questions, ideas, critiques, or general feedback, I’d love to see it in the comments or on Twitter.

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