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  • I’m a junior in high school in Jakarta, Indonesia and i have to admit, this definitely gave me the waterworks. Amazing song, and amazing performance. Obama’s got a strong fanbase here in Jakarta International School, primary all the way to high school, we are ecstatic that he won. Will.i.am’s videos were all very wonderful, as were yours.
    Congratulations on your great new leader. :)

  • I love the Yes I Can song on YouTube. Do you have a decent quality audio only version on CD or mp3 that you could send me to play on my a cappella radio show? I am the host of the Lotsa A Cappella show on KDHX, 88.1 in St. Louis Missouri. We can also be heard on the web at http://www.kdhx.org in streaming audio. My show airs on Saturday mornings at 6 AM to 8 AM Central Time, but archived versions of the show can be streamed from the kdhx.org website.

    I just happened upon the song while listening to Martin Luther King songs on YouTube.

    You guys are great!

  • Hi Marjie,
    That’s great! I’m really excited that you want play our music on your show. Almost all of the people who performed Barackapella are from the group Momo & the Coop at Lewis & Clark University. We are recording a CD right now, planning to release it in late April. I talked to the group tonight though and I think we might be able to get you a pre-release recording in just a week or two. Does that work for you?

    We’d love to have you play any of our other music as well, you can check it out on our Facebook page (whether or not you have a Facebook account). We’d be happy to send you any songs from our last cd. I’ll send you an email when we are ready with a recording of Barackapella.

    Thanks again Marjie and everyone for leaving such wonderful comments!

  • I stumbled upon this earlier today, and have literally been playing it on replay since then. It’s amazing. So inspiring, and so real. You can tell that every one of you is so passionate about your political opinions, which is great.

    As a high school student, I want to cry at how much hope I see in groups like yours. I love that kids just a little bit older than me are so involved and so hopeful. Thanks for inspiring me.

  • Mary (55) from Kansas

    Here it is, almost a year later and I have just discovered your You Tube video/website. Obama and his family are in the Whitehouse and the changes have begun. I felt you all needed to know your video is still as powerful and full of meaning as when you posted it. I am just blown away by the talent and passion of you students and was as stunned by your performance as the original ‘Yes We Can’ video. Perhaps it was your honest response to the real change that is coming in your lifetime and in mine. Thanks for your effort and let’s all get ready to help the President make the changes. Yes We Can.

  • That’s just amazing..
    Je l’ai regarde souvent et je vous félicite pour ces préstations tout à fait exceptinnelles. Vous chantez super bien. Cela me donne même la chair de poule.
    Qui sait, peut-être qu’un jour vous viendrez en France hein & je l’espere vraiment car cela vaut le coup. ( Traduction ? (: )

    I have sometimes watched that and Congradulations for these interpretations which are amazing. You sing very well.
    Maybe one day you’ll propably come to France and i really hope that because you should be famous ! (: ( I try to traduce lol ).


    God Bless.

  • I was checking if you have the url to the source?

  • Thanks for sharing this, its great :)

  • I’m hoping you don’t see this as offensive but this sounds like the same ol’ Obama rhetoric.Obama is playing the same game all politicians play… he’s no different then the rest of them if you ask me.

  • I agree, I am living in Canada, and I looove your show and would love to see what you could do for us !!!I think it would be FABULOUS!

  • Love the song and voices of the singers.


  • This is disturbing, it’s like worshiping an idol or something. It’s creepy….
    Obama has been one of the worse Presidents yet. I am very sad that the youth of this country think that this man is an inspiration. He has done nothing but encourage class warfare and promote division by ethnicity. There is no “We” with Obama. It’s Him and the rest…. he purposely divides the people to conquer his agenda.

  • @anne marie,

    Barack Obama is an imperfect man, but this song doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to us.

    So far president Barack Obama has orchestrated a bank bail-out that saved capitalism as we know it (whether you think this was good or bad – it’s true), pushed through legislation for a fairer and more efficient healthcare system, and executed the leader of global terrorism. He has been an extremely centrist president; people on the far left hate his agenda as much as people on the far right, but people in the middle think he’s doing a pretty good job. Check latest polls by any reputable source, if you don’t believe me.

    The lyrics to this song ask ordinary Americans to believe in our own ingenuity, courage, and ability to improve ourselves. This is a message my aging grandfather – the WWII hero – stands for as much as I do. Barack Obama is an imperfect man, but this song doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to us.

  • Just finding this barackappella stuff now. It’s amazing. I love it.

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