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My Ethnographic Study of Cuban Socialized Medicine

Note: Presentation contains mild blood and guts pictures.

My friend Evan lost a finger to a barracuda. Observing the entire course of his treatment, from emergency care to reconstructive surgery, was a great opportunity to observe the Cuban health service at work. The experience highlighted the differences between the care tourists experience (competent and lavish by Cuban standards) and the care most Cubans experience (competent but very bare bones).

When I presented this work I discussed most of my research orally and I was hesitant to post photographs here without extensive explanation. I’ve been asked repeatedly though, so here they are.

So Long, Fare Well, blogging is fun but I’m done for a while


Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the holidays immensely. I imagine you noticed…I have not been writing so much recently. I returned from Cuba in early December and have been incredibly busy getting back into the whole Oregon thing. CrissCrossHatch was my first experience in blogging, and I’m really glad I tried it out. Here are a few observations and suggestions about the experience.

  • It was fun. If you like writing, try blogging. Don’t wait. Wordpress can be ever so slightly more difficult to manage if you decide to use your own host (i had an account with instead of using, but it is worth it. There are tons of resources for wordpress, you can do really neat things with the widgets, and learning the technical aspects of crafting a blog was almost as fun as writing.
  • It was better for me than it was for you. If I were keeping a professional blog, sticking to a single topic, I might provide a lot of useful information for a specific niche of people. Instead I chose to write about whatever I felt like. I had a bitchen time, even though I didn’t attract as many readers as I might have with a topic oriented blog. In the future, I will probably keep a professional blog, or come back to this one and narrow its scope a little, but writing a scatter-brained collection of posts while in Cuba was pretty awesome.
  • You don’t know what you’ve got, until you loose it. I took blogging pretty seriously (like everything else), seeing myself as part of the new “citizen journalism” movement. Little did I know, it would take creating my own blog for me to begin taking other bloggers seriously. I wanted to learn what makes a good blog, and in the process, I frequented enough blogs to gain a much more critical perspective on traditional news media. Take politics for example. I began reading some openly biased commentary on the Huff post, and soon found out that the same ideas are usually presented as “the buzz” on NBC, about 2-4 days later (FOX news never does bother to mention what most left of right-wing bloggers are saying). Some design bloggers like a list apart are even more innovative than the political riffraff. I think I really did need this plunge into blogging in order to realize how committed/constrained I was by the traditional ways that information is published.

I hope that insight proves useful for some of you. In any case, the main purpose of this post is to let everyone know (formally) that there will be no more posts for a while. I will keep the site up, and I intend to blog again someday. In the mean time, thanks for tuning in.

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